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Easy Flow Cattle Alley

Easy Flow Alley Feature

Arrowquip’s improved Easy Flow® Adjustable Cattle Races are designed to be safer, quieter, and more efficient. Cradle-shaped and fully adjustable, the Easy Flow Races can accommodate cattle of any size with easy adjustments. With spring-loaded locking systems and safety latches, you can quickly modify the width of the race from one side by simply pulling on the adjustment cables. Adhering to low-stress cattle handling principles, the Easy Flow Races have caulked flat sheeting and nylon bushings over the slam-latch pins to reduce noise. Additionally, the race sections bolt tightly together to eliminate the need for pins.

The Easy Flow Races now come with the 3E: Easy Entry and Exit System with the NEW removable panels. Cattle only see what you want them to see in the Easy Flow Races. By modifying the panel sides to your preference, pressure zone handling techniques can be applied to regulate flow with ease. For further customisation and control, rolling race gates and kicker panels can also be added to create the race system of your dreams. There are infinite configurations possible to suit your needs.

With easy adjustments, excellent animal control, and the utmost in animal safety, the Adjustable Easy Flow Races are designed to provide increased efficiency in your complete cattle handling system.

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