1. Myth: All locks are created equal

FACT: Infinite Locks provide optimum security and safety for handling cattle, with the added benefit of being able to lock securely in any position! Locking mechanisms should feature emergency release safety measures, in case of an emergency, and should be designed in a way that will eliminate instances of hip-lock or difficult release.

2. Myth: All cattle crushes provide an equal squeeze. 

FACT: The range of the squeeze on a cattle crush varies greatly between different manufacturers! Whether you prefer a parallel or cradle-shaped crush, or a single or dual-sided squeeze, it is best to do your research on the available models and talk to your veterinarian about your top choices before purchasing a new crush.

3. Myth: Cattle crushes have limited points where you can access your cattle. Busted: Innovative design allows greater access to cattle at various locations in the crush, making your job easier and safer. 

5. Myth: Side access panels can be open when cattle are entering the crush

FACT: This is a myth, side access panels, doors, and needle gates should to be closed or fully engaged livestock are entering the squeeze crush for their safety, and the safety of the handlers. (Source: UC Davis)