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Aleeya Laureola - Cattle Handling Research Specialist

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Aleeya Laureola is the interim Content Manager for Arrowquip. She grew up in the bustling city of Manila, Philippines where she earned a degree in BA Broadcast Communication from the University of the Philippines. In 2016, Aleeya moved to rural Manitoba with her mother and younger siblings, joining a big stepfamily that has been contributing to the agriculture and farming industry since the early 1900s.

As a daughter of a Full-time Farmer and an Economic Development Officer, Aleeya enjoys helping in any way that she can on the family farm and at events in their small town. From taking out harvest meals and checking cows to helping organize the town farmer’s market, Aleeya is always on her feet whenever she comes home for a visit.

Aleeya joined the Arrowquip Marketing Team in April 2019. Being a city girl from the Philippines with a taste for the country life, Aleeya is able to use her unique background to offer a fresh perspective when writing content for the cattle handling industry. Her passion for communication and love for cattle farming are what motivates her to research, learn, and deliver all there is to know about proper cattle handling, management, and equipment.

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