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Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Crush

A hydraulic cattle crush is a cattle crush that is operated using hydraulic controls for the tail gate, head gate, squeeze, and head sweep. A well designed hydraulic crush will adhere to low-stress cattle handling practices, with focus on keeping the animal and the producer safe. When looking for a hydraulic cattle crush, you want to ensure it is durable, well-made, and quiet. Specifically, watch for engines that are mounted on top of the crush, as the noise made by the engine could spook animals and cause them to be crush shy as a result.

Q-Power 107 Series Cattle Crush

Truly silent hydraulic cattle crush

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Powerlock 108 Series Hydraulic Cattle Crush

Exceptional Performance and Complete Access? No Problem.

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Powerlock 105 Series Hydraulic Squeeze Crush

Faster Cattle Handling at an Attainable Price? No Problem.

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