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Cattle Forcing Pens

Cattle Sweep Tub | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Force Pen to fit any cattle handling configuration

Product Code: T8 / T10 / T12
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4 models available:
Single 90° Race Exit| Double 90° Race Exit| Single 180° Race Exit| Double 180° Race Exit

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Arrowquip's Cattle Forcing Pens are a high capacity, high quality product designed to move your cattle quickly and safely into a crush, race, or trailer. The Forcing Pen features a tubular frame that is light-weight, yet durable enough to withstand the heavy-duty use of a forcing pen. The crowd gate lock-out and exit gate come standard on the Forcing Pen, and distractions are kept to a minimum with the sheeted sides. The pen features simple assembly, ensuring efficient set-up and tear down as necessary.

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Product Features

  • Close up inside view of Cattle Forcing Pen panels by Arrowquip

    High-Quality Construction

    All Forcing Pens are built for heavy-duty work. Made with powder-coated steel, the Forcing Pen is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions for long-term use. For added stability, the panels are bolted together and stabilised by joiner bars that connect to the centre of the pen.

  • Cattle Tub Handle

    Force Gate Lock

    The force gate automatically locks into position as you move the sweep through the pen, ensuring cattle cannot push back on the gate and cause injury to the handler. For quieter operation, the force gate lock features a rubber bushing to cushion the impact on the panels and reduce metal clanging. When not in use, the force gate lock can be disengaged to pull the gate back in a smooth motion.

  • Close up inside view of Cattle Forcing Pen panels by Arrowquip

    Fully Sheeted Sides

    The fully sheeted sides on the Forcing Pens safeguard cattle, as there are no foot traps or opportunity for them to injure themselves in the forcing pen. This sheeting allows the handler to use point of balance handling techniques to assist with cattle movement.

  • View of crowding tub pin points

    Exit Gate

    The exit gate comes standard on all Forcing Pen Models and is located next to the race entrance, ensuring operator safety in the event that you must enter the pen with an animal.

Left-Hand vs Right Hand Configuration

Left hand vs right hand crowding tubs horizontal

All Arrowquip Cattle Forcing Pens are available in left or right-hand configuration. To determine the hand you need in your cattle working system, stand facing the crowd gate and look at the direction of the sweep. If it rotates counterclockwise, it is left-hand. If it rotates clockwise, it is right-hand. If you require assistance determining the hand you need, contact the Arrowquip Team.

Picture on Image (Left-Right): Left-Hand Configuration | Right-Hand Configuration

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Product Specifications

  • Simple assembly
  • Includes standard exit gate and crowd gate lock-out
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising and injury
  • Heavy-duty HHS tubular frame
  • Primed and powder-coated steel ensures long-term durability of the equipment
  • 14-gauge steel sheeting
  • Sheet metal is caulked to reduce noise
  • Force gate lock assists in sweeping so cattle are unable to push the gate back
  • Center post features a rubber bumper to eliminate the gap between the post and back gate
  • 12' pens have higher railing on panels and gates that are ideal for spirited cattle
  • 12' pen features welded stays for additional support

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Available Models

  • Top view of arrowquip forcing pen single 90 degree race exit

    Model: Single 90° Race Exit

    Weight: 553 kg / 674 kg / 836 kg

    Dimensions: 2586mm Wide x 2185mm High x 4834mm Long / 3201mm Wide x 2185mm High x 6000mm Long / 3881 mm Wide x 2185 mm High x 7320 mm Long

    The standard Forcing Pen design features the single 90° race exit, allowing you to load a single race smoothly. This standard design is the ideal force pen solution for most system designs.

    Available in 8' and 10' and 12' Radius.

  • Top view of arrowquip double 90 degree race exit Forcing Pen

    Model: Double 90° Race Exit

    Weight: 621 kg

    Dimensions: 3201mm Wide x 2185mm High x 6122mm Long

    For systems that require a double race, the Double 90° Race Exit version of the Forcing Pen can assist in improving processing times! Double Races can significantly improve flow through your system, by allowing cattle to walk through the system side-by-side and lowering cattle stress during the handling process.

    Available in 10' Radius.

  • Top view of cattle forcing pen single 180 degree race exit by Arrowquip

    Model: Single 180° Race Exit

    Weight: 554 kg / 674 kg

    Dimensions: 2586mm Wide x 2185mm High x 4765mm Long / 3220 mm Wide x 2185mm High x 5969mm Long

    When space is limited, a Single 180° Race Exit may be the ideal solution for your operation's needs. Specifically, in enclosed and tight spaces, a 180° exit provides you with all the space cattle require to move effectively into the race.

    Available in 8' and 10' Radius.

  • Top view of cattle forcing pen double 180 degree race exit by arrowquip

    Model: Double 180° Race Exit

    Weight: 651 kg

    Dimensions: 3221mm Wide x 2185mm High x 5969mm Long

    To effectively move cattle into your double race within tight space constraints, the Double 180° Race Exit is an excellent way to ensure smooth cattle transition. Double Races are particularly effective in systems where there is room to have cattle walk side by side for multiple race lengths to create flow.

    Available in 10' Radius.

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