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World-Class Cattle Crushes and Cattle Handling Systems

Arrowquip has been creating best in class livestock equipment since 1988 through an extensive research and development process that is unmatched in the industry. Every piece of equipment we design is intended to make managing your cattle faster, easier, and safer every step of the way. From cattle crushes to custom cattle handling systems, Arrowquip has a solution for all your cattle handling needs. For added security, our equipment is backed by industry-leading warranty. Let our generations of farming experience and knowledge of cattle behaviour help you develop a more efficient and profitable operation.

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Arrowquip Cattle Equipment in Action: Q-Power 107 Series Cattle Crush

Q-Power 107 Series hydraulic cattle crush from the side

More than just a Silent Hydraulic Crush

Arrowquip’s NEW Q-Power 107 Series is more than a silent hydraulic cattle crush. The Q-Power has been reinvented with more quiet points than ever before – even the slam latches have been optimized for calm, quiet cattle handling! With superior fast-response hydraulics and precision engineering, the Q-Power delivers maximum performance so you can do more work in half the time.

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Cattle handling system on a operation

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Cattle Handling Equipment

Arrowquip has spent the last 30 years designing highly efficient, quiet cattle crushes, and the most innovative cattle equipment in Australia. Every product is designed by a team of experienced farmers and engineers to benefit your operation by allowing you to work your livestock in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Manual Cattle Squeeze Crush

Cattle crushes that are redefining silent cattle handling operations.

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Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Crush

Hydraulic cattle crushes designed for your operation to operate at maximum efficiency, no matter the size of your operation.

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Mobile Cattle Handling Equipment

Mobile cattle crushes and full handling systems designed to make your life simpler, no matter where your livestock are located.

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Adjustable Cattle Handling Races

Cattle races designed for easy adjustments and smooth cattle flow.

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Cattle Forcing Pens

Cattle Forcing Pens designed for maximum cattle movement with minimum stress.

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Additional Cattle Handling Equipment

Other cattle working products designed to simplify daily life in your operation.

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