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Adjustable Easy Flow Cattle Race

Easy Flow Cattle Race by Arrowquip

Cattle Race That Prevents Turning Around and Falling

Product Code: EF-10
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2 models available:
8' Easy Flow Race| 10' Easy Flow Race

5 Options Available

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* Cattle Race Back-Stop Optional

Arrowquip's improved Easy Flow® Adjustable Cattle Races are designed to be safer, quieter, and more efficient. Cradle-shaped and fully adjustable, the Easy Flow Races can accommodate cattle of any size with easy adjustments. With spring-loaded locking systems and safety latches, you can quickly modify the width of the race from one side by simply pulling on the adjustment cables. Adhering to low-stress cattle handling principles, the Easy Flow Races have caulked flat sheeting and nylon bushings over the slam-latch pins to reduce noise. Additionally, the race sections bolt tightly together to eliminate the need for pins.

The Easy Flow Races now come with the 3E: Easy Entry and Exit System with the NEW removable panels. Cattle only see what you want them to see in the Easy Flow Races. By modifying the panel sides to your preference, pressure zone handling techniques can be applied to regulate flow with ease. For further customisation and control, rolling race gates and kicker panels can also be added to create the race system of your dreams. There are infinite configurations possible to suit your needs.

With easy adjustments, excellent animal control, and the utmost in animal safety, the Adjustable Easy Flow Races are designed to provide increased efficiency in your complete cattle handling system.

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Love the manual crush and easy flow adjustable races. My wife and I have 5 daughters, so safety is very important to us. It truly has made working cows and calves so much safer and easier, most of all it's enjoyable to see the kids working the system.

- Robert Cruise, Rancher -

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Product Features

  • Easy Flow adjustable cattle race full cattle

    Cradle-Style Race

    The cradle on the Easy Flow Race is fully adjustable from 750mm to 458mm, giving you the ability to accommodate animals of any size and keep them from turning back. You can easily change the settings of both sides of the race from one side by pulling on the adjustment cables connected to the spring-loaded cam-slam latches. For added security, the adjustable sides include safety latches to ensure they do not drop down unintentionally.

  • Easy Flow adjustable cattle race with no blinders

    Removable Panels

    You can now customise what cattle see in the Easy Flow Race with the removable panels. Adjusting the sheeting height to your preference allows you to apply point of balance handling techniques effectively to regulate the flow of cattle. The standard Easy Flow Race comes with two removable panels and extra panels are available, if needed. For easy storage, the removable panels bolt onto the sides of the race when not in use.

  • Easy Flow adjustable cattle race in locked position

    Quiet Construction

    The Easy Flow Races are designed with quiet features all around to improve cattle movement, such as caulking on sheet metal and nylon bushings over the slam-latch pins. By bolting the Easy Flow Races together, pin rattling is eliminated to keep stress levels at a minimum, and allow cattle to flow calmly through the race system.

  • Inside view of curved adjustable cattle race

    Race Systems

    Mix and match 8' and 10' sections together with the optional rolling race gates and kicker panels to create the race system of your dreams! With durable panel clips available, you can also attach the Easy Flow Race to the rest of your cattle handling system. If you need assistance in finding the right solution for your operation's needs, contact one of our Product Specialists by giving us a call, and we'll work with you to find the right solution for your farm.

Integrated Cattle Race Scales

Easy flow weigh crate message

Arrowquip's Cattle Weigh Crate can be integrated within your complete cattle handling system at any point to provide fast and accurate weigh-ins while keeping livestock flowing efficiently through the race. 8' Easy Flow Cattle Race Sections can be fitted with an aluminium cattle weigh platform, giving you the option to integrate a weigh crate within your race system seamlessly.

While other Cattle Weigh Crates have straight sides, limited adjustments, and can be a point where calves may turn around, a consistent cradle-shaped race that narrows to the centre ensures that there is no point in your handling system where livestock can turn back. The adjustable sides range from 750mm to 458mm to accommodate cattle of any size, and the adjustable 3E Panels allow you to control what cattle see while in the race to minimize stress.

The Weigh Platform is a heavy-duty 1/4" aluminum plate that provides excellent traction for hooves. To install, add the Weigh Platform (EWPF) and scale mount plates (SMP) to an assembled 8' Easy Flow Cattle Race, ensuring there are rolling doors on each side of the race section. This creates a designated scale section within your race system, so you can effortlessly weigh your cattle before they enter the chute. Ensure weighing cattle is as easy and efficient as possible by using Tru-Test or Gallagher load bars.

Easy Flow with the 3E System

Above view of 180 degree Easy Flow adjustable cattle race

With the customisable removable panels, you can control what cattle see in the race. This allows you to use light to your advantage together with point of balance handling techniques to regulate cattle flow. When handling small calves, you are able to control their movement easily by using low sheeting on the working side. Additionally, the Easy Flow Race features a lowered bottom bar on both ends which reduces foot traps when entering and exiting the race.

3E Systems - Using Light and Cattle Behaviour to your advantage

Better Cattle Flow With S-Flow

An S-Flow System generates constant flow of cattle by incorporating arcs into full handling systems. S-Flow is best applied when handling large groups of cattle for drafting or loading into a trailer. Based on cattle's instinct to follow curves, consistent movement can be maintained as they are repeatedly convinced that they are escaping. You can create a curved system with the Easy Flow Cattle Races by adding kicker panels, and connecting a 3E Budflow® Forcing Pen to create the draw required for crowd movement.

S-Flow Systems - Incorporating Curves for Continuous Flow

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Product Specifications

  • Comes in 8' and 10' sections
  • Cradle-shaped and fully adjustable to accommodate animals of any size
  • Removable panels allow the operator to control what cattle see in the race
  • For easy storage, removable panels are bolted onto the race sides when not in use
  • Sides are sheeted to the ground, eliminating foot traps
  • Durable clips allow the race to connect with other Arrowquip products seamlessly
  • Spring-load locking system makes it easy to adjust to fit each animal
  • Top adjustment can be used to stop animals from rearing up
  • Caulked flat sheeting on both sides to eliminate sheet metal rattling
  • Nylon bushings over slam latch pins to reduce noise
  • Panels bolt tightly together to eliminate pin rattling
  • Lower bottom bar allows for safe entry and exit
  • Both side panels drop down fully, allowing the handler to access the animal in case of emergency
  • Safety latches on the side panels add security and control when adjusting, and ensure the sides will not drop down accidentally

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Available Models

  • Model: 8' Easy Flow Race

    Weight: 282 kg

    Dimensions: 874mm Wide x 2027mm High x 2439mm Long

  • Model: 10' Easy Flow Race

    Weight: 347 kg

    Dimensions: 874mm Wide x 2027mm High x 3048mm Long

Available Add-Ons / Options

  • Front view of double race merge section by Arrowquip

    Double Cattle Race Merge Section

    The Double Cattle Race Merge Section is designed to pair with Easy Flow Cattle Race sections to safely and efficiently double the alley capacity in your stockyard.

  • Backing Bar Option

    Anti-Backing Bar

    Installing an Anti-Backing Bar ensures that your cattle will not be able to back up in your race system, and are very useful when placed in the section immediately behind the crush.

  • Easy Flow adjustable cattle race kicker panel

    30° Kicker Panel

    Kicker panels allow you to curve your Easy Flow Cattle Race sections to create any race configuration your operation requires.

  • Removable blinders on the Easy Flow adjustable cattle race

    Additional Removable Panels

    Additional removable panels allow you to further customise the sheeting height of the Easy Flow Cattle Races.

  • Side view of Cattle Race Gate by Arrowquip

    Rolling Race Gate

    The Rolling Race Gate allows you to control cattle movement through your system effectively. Features a safety latch to lock the door closed, and a standard offside operation handle.

    [ More Information on the Rolling Race Gate ]

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  • 5 Chelsea Norheim

    We have been using the Easy Flow Alley for a few years now and love it. They are durable and easy to adjust when needed. The cattle move through them easily, and the access on the side panels allows us to do treatments and processing easily and efficiently. The V design allows the animals to move through the system without being able to turn around, and the drop down alley stops work well and are easy to adjust for different animal heights. I would definitely recommend the Easy Flow alley for any handling system.

  • 5 Mike Galloway

    Our Arrowquip Adjustable Alley is just what we needed in our system to make it work for everything from the smallest calves to the biggest bulls. Its easy and quick to adjust and our cattle have no problem moving through it. Safe and easy for our whole family!

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