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Cattle Sorting Race

Sorting Races by Arrowquip

Sort or Divert Cattle Anyway You Like

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4 models available:
One-Way Sorting Race 30°| One-Way Sorting Race 90°| Two-Way Sorting Alley 30°| NEW Post-Crush Cattle Drafting Gates

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Arrowquip's Cattle Sorting Races are designed to suit any operation with a variety of models that can divert cattle in up to three directions. The versatility of the Cattle Sorting Races allows you to sort cattle in two ways: within the race system and after the crush. Post-Crush Cattle Drafting is now possible by placing the Drafting Gates and Sorting Race after the crush. Unlike manually separating livestock in a pen, running cattle through a system to draft is a safer and faster way to send cattle into different yards. The Post-Crush Draft Gates are designed to allow you to control the draft with one hand and the yoke gate with the other to regulate the flow of cattle. Both sides of the Drafting Gates open fully to provide enough space to access the head of the animal and allow you to pass through the system with ease.

The Cattle Sorting Races are designed with high sheeting to eliminate distractions and keep stress levels to a minimum during this high-pressure situation. Spring-loaded doors attached to a pulley system allow you to quickly change directions without causing any pauses in the flow.

With a variety of models and combinations you can choose from, the possibilities are endless for creating a configuration that best suits your operation's needs. If you need assistance in finding the right solution for your farm, give our Product Specialists a call and we will be happy help you!

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Product Features

  • Sorting races left right configuration

    Many Configuration Options

    If you can't find the right solution for your operation's needs, contact one of our Product Specialists by giving us a call, and we'll work with you to find the right solution for your farm.

  • Sorting races spring loaded

    Spring-Loaded Sorting

    Arrowquip's Cattle Sorting Races feature spring-loaded doors and pulley ropes to simplify the process of sorting. With an easy tug of a rope, you can guide cattle into your desired direction.

  • Cattle Sorting race Construction | Cattle Equipment

    Sheeted Sides

    Sorting is a high pressure point in your cattle handling system. For this reason, Arrowquip Cattle Sorting Races feature 1219mm sheet metal, limiting the ability of cattle to see the operator and making for an easier sorting process.

  • One-Way 30 Degree Cattle Sorting Race

    Left or Right-Hand Setup

    Cattle Sorting Races can be configured for operation from the left or right-hand side using the same pieces - whatever works best for your operation.

Sort Cattle Your Way

Cattle Drafting Module attached to a Cattle Crush

Pre-Crush Sorting

Pre-crush sorting is used to send cattle into multiple directions within a race system. With the Cattle Sorting Races, you can easily create a comprehensive system that leads to different exits such as a crush or yard. In case a cow that does not need to be worked through the crush enters the system, the Cattle Sorting Race provides an easy way for it to exit the line without disrupting flow.

Post-Crush Drafting

Post-crush drafting is a much safer way to sort a mixed group of cattle into different pens because it does not require you to be in the yard with them. Using the Base Sorting Race together with the Cattle Drafting Gates allows you to manage the flow of livestock easily by running them through an open system and into the post-crush draft. This method keeps cattle stress levels to a minimum, while saving time and effort.

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Product Specifications

  • Spring-loaded doors
  • Pulley system allows for easy diversion
  • Can be configured for left or right-handed operation using the same pieces
  • 1219mm sheeted sides to eliminate distractions
  • 1.63mm steel sheeting
  • Can be used to sort or divert in up to three directions
  • Built with powder-coated steel and high-quality materials for long-term use and durability
  • Cattle Drafting Gates and Base Sorting Race allow for Post-Crush Drafting
  • Unlimited possibilities to create a cattle sorting configuration that suits the needs of your operation

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Available Models

  • One-Way 30 Degree Cattle Sorting Race

    Model: One-Way Sorting Race 30°

    Weight: 216 kg

    Dimensions: 1682mm Wide x 2066mm High x 1320mm Long

    The One-Way Sort 30° is used to divert cattle off to one side. The 30° angle provides a slight change in direction, allowing for minimum disruption to flow.

  • One Way Cattle Sorting Race 90 degree Side view by Arrowquip

    Model: One-Way Sorting Race 90°

    Weight: 238 kg

    Dimensions: 1715mm Wide x 2066mm High x 1320mm Long

    The One-Way Sort 90° is used to maximise the space available in an operation.

  • Two-Way 30 Degree Cattle Sorting Race

    Model: Two-Way Sorting Alley 30°

    Weight: 276 kg

    Dimensions: 2374mm Wide x 2066mm High x 1320mm Long

    The Two-Way Sort 30° is used to divert cattle off to either the left or righthand side of the main race. The 30° angle provides a slight change in direction, allowing for minimum disruption to flow.

  • Cattle Draft Module

    Model: NEW Post-Crush Cattle Drafting Gates

    Weight: 333 kg

    Dimensions: 1637-2469mm Wide x 2099mm High x 2413-2691mm Long

    Adding the Post-Crush Cattle Drafting Gates after the crush allows you to easily send cattle into different yards. Designed to work with the Q-Catch® 87 Series Cattle Crush, the Drafting Gates allow a single operator to work the draft with one hand and control the yoke gate with the other to regulate flow. For easy access to the cow and passing through the system, the Drafting Gates feature side access doors that swing open to a full 180°.

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