1. MythFooting isn’t a concern in the crush

FACT: Minimize stress and safety concerns with non-slip flooring. Your crush should be located in an area with good drainage. Adding non-slip flooring and updating it periodically will ensure safety. (Tennessee Extension).

2. MythI can’t stop cattle from kneeling or pulling backwards

FACT: Design features include a brisket bar that will keep cattle standing up, and bars to keep them from pulling back. (Arkansas Extension).

3. MythOverhead restrainers aren’t needed in a crush

FACT: A restrainer located at 60 inches above the crush can keep cattle from rearing up or turning around. Adjustable restrainers are available. (Oklahoma Extension).

4. Myth: Engines in hydraulic crushes can be located on top of the crush

FACT: Busted - watch out! Placing the engine above your crush can spook cattle and make them anxious.

5. Myth: Cattle don’t walk through manual crushes, they always run

FACT: Through engineering with animal science practices we manufacture manual crushes that encourage cattle to walk through, minimizing risk of injury to handlers and employees. These practices at Arrowquip include: 

  1. Remove pressure points;
  2. Ensure cattle have a clear line of site through the crush; and
  3. Reduce noise. Quiet crushes will help keep cattle more relaxed.