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Adjustable Easy Flow Cattle Race

Cattle Races by Arrowquip in barn

Cattle Race That Prevents Turning Around and Falling

Weight: 320 kg

Dimensions: 852mm Wide x 2022mm High x 3091mm Long

Product Code: EF-10

* Cattle Race Back-Stop Optional

Arrowquip’s Adjustable Easy Flow Races are cradle-shaped, and fully adjustable to accommodate cattle of any size with easy adjustments. Designed to adhere to low-stress cattle handling principles, the Easy Flow Race is created to keep cattle distraction to a minimum while moving through the handling system. The Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Race is designed with cattle safety in mind. The sides of the race are sheeted to the ground to eliminate the issue of foot traps, and both sides of the race drop down fully in case of emergency. Further, the anti-backing bar keeps cattle from rearing up or turning back in the race.

Arrowquip’s Adjustable Easy Flow Races feature heavy duty locking pins, making for seamless connection with your complete cattle handling system. With easy adjustments, excellent animal control, and the utmost in animal safety, the Adjustable Easy Flow Race is designed to provide increased efficiency in your complete cattle handling system.

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Front view of adjustable cradle-style cattle race by Arrowquip
  • Cradle-Style Race

    The cradle on the Easy Flow Alley is fully adjustable from 749mm to 457mm, giving you the ability to accommodate animals of any size and keep them from turning back.

  • Spring-Loaded Latch System

    Four cam-slam latches are spring-loaded, making for simple and effective adjustments when using the five settings on each side of the race.

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Side view of Easy Flow Cattle Race sheeted sides
  • Sheeted Sides

    Steel sheeting goes to the ground to eliminate foot traps and the chance of injury, while keeping cattle distraction to a minimum.

  • Emergency Exit

    Both sides of the Easy Flow Cattle Race drop down fully, so you can access the entire animal in the event of an emergency.

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  • Front view of double race merge section by Arrowquip

    Double Cattle Race Merge Section

    The Double Cattle Race Merge Section is designed to pair with Easy Flow Cattle Race sections to safely and efficiently double the alley capacity in your stockyard.

  • Backing Bar Option

    Anti-Backing Bar

    Installing an Anti-Backing Bar ensures that your cattle will not be able to back up in your race system, and are very useful when placed in the section immediately behind the crush..

  • three kicker panels for Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Race by Arrowquip

    Kicker Panels

    Kicker panels allow you to curve your Easy Flow Cattle Race sections to create any race configuration your operation requires.

    Available in 22.5° and 45°curves.

  • Side view of Cattle Race Gate by Arrowquip

    Rolling Race Gate

    The Rolling Race Gate allows you to control cattle movement through your system effectively. Features a safety latch to lock the door closed, and a standard offside operation handle.

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Adjustable Easy Flow Cattle Race Specifications

Side view Drawing of Easy Flow Cattle Race by Arrowquip
  • Comes in 10’ sections
  • Drop-down sides
  • Optional race back-stop keeps cattle from moving backwards
  • Durable clips allow the race to connect with other Arrowquip products seamlessly
  • 5 spring-load locking system makes it easy to adjust to fit each animal
  • Top adjustment can be used to stop animals from rearing up

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