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Mobile Cattle Handling Equipment

A mobile cattle crush is made up of three components – a cattle crush, race, and forcing pen. They come in many variations and combinations of these three components. Mobile cattle crushes are a piece of equipment preferred by vets and TB testing personnel, as they are designed to manage cattle at various locations. They can also be useful for farmers who have pens in multiple pastures, as you can bring your core handling equipment to each location, as necessary.

When seeking a mobile cattle crush, you should look for equipment designed for ease of towing, as well as something that is easy to set up and take down when moving between locations. Mobile cattle crushes should always adhere to proper low-stress cattle handling guidelines to keep workers and livestock safe.

Q-Catch 87 Series Mobile Cattle Crush, Race and Forcing Pen

The industry's first fully mobile cattle handling system, with an 18' cattle race


Q-Catch 87 Series Mobile Crush and Race

A mobile cattle handling duo designed to do it all


Q-Catch 74 Series Mobile Manual Squeeze Crush, Race and Forcing Pen

Most compact mobile full cattle handling system in the industry


Mobile Cattle Handling Race and Forcing Pen

High-capacity cattle race and forcing pen you can take anywhere


Q-Power 107 Series Mobile Cattle Handling Hydraulic Crush, Race and Forcing Pen

Everything you need in a mobile cattle handling system with extra boost of power


Q-Power 107 Series Hydraulic Mobile Crush and Race

A hydraulic duo designed with increased power and flexibility for every task at hand

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