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Q-Catch 87 Series Mobile Crush and Race

878 hero 4 uk warranty

Mobile Crush and Race that is made to move

Product Code: 878
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Weight: 1643-1673 kg

Dimensions: 2322mm Wide x 2347mm High x 5949mm Long (When set up.)

6 Options Available

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* Head Scoop Optional

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The new Q-Catch 87 Series Mobile Crush and Race gives you consistently safe and efficient cattle handling no matter where you're working cattle. From the new electric jacks and 8' Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Race section, to the rubber floors you've been asking for, everything on this system has been designed with cattle flow and ease of use for farmers in mind. With the new 3E yoke gate design and Easy Flow Race removable panels, you can utilize natural cattle behaviour to keep your herd flowing in the right direction.

You can do it all with this portable duo, and take your mobile cattle crush anywhere you need it with ease. This compact system has been redesigned with an improved towing setup to ensure you're in for the smoothest ride possible, every time.

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Government TB Testing Regulations

As per the Government of UK website’s tuberculosis testing guidelines, your testing and handling facilities must:

Allow safe movement of cattle;
Include a suitable handling system (such as a crush and penning system linked by a secure race);
Make it easy for inspectors to restrain and examine cattle, clip their hair, measure the skin with calipers, and give them injections;
Be in good working order;
Be suitable for the size and breed of cattle that have to be tested; and
Be well-lit so inspectors can read ear tags and carry out the test.
We have been actively AI'ing cows and have also just did our spring work of cows, calves, and bulls through our Arrowquip crush and raceway. I have to say it was done effortlessly and the most efficiently that we have done in years.

- Larry Hafer, Rancher -

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Product Features

  • Q-Catch 87 Series cattle crush side view

    Q-Catch 87 Series Manual Cattle Crush

    With the NEW Q-Catch 87 Series at the front of the system, you'll have maximum control, safety, and efficiency even when you're working cattle alone. With the world's quietest manual cattle crush behind you, you're guaranteed a quiet cattle handling experience anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy Flow adjustable cattle race side image with two blinders on one side

    Easy Flow Race

    The new and improved Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Race now comes with two removable panels that let you decide what your cattle see to improve flow. The alleys narrow down to the center and are cradle-shaped to ensure that your cattle keep moving forward in a smooth, straight line.

  • Head holder main image2

    Enhanced Safety

    The 87 Series cattle crush and race is designed for optimal livestock and handler safety. Cattle are protected with two emergency exit options on each side of the unit - one in the race, and one in the crush. For handlers, safety is enhanced with proper cattle control, and a variety of access gates that provide proper access to livestock as necessary. For an even safer cattle handling experience, add the Q-Catch Cattle Head Holder and Clipping Rail.

  • 878 top view from front

    Designed for Portability

    The Mobile Crush and Race is designed to be portable. The enhanced frame boasts 51mm x 153mm beams at the top and 76mm x 76mm beams at the bottom for structural integrity. Additionally, the improved hitch has an added gusset for support, multiple height options, and the wheels are easily installed and removed with two pins.

A Mobile Crush and Race that Simplifies TB Testing

The Q-Catch 87 Series mobile crush is an ideal solution for TB testing, offering excellent access to the neck of the animal. The 324mm TB access area right at the front of the crush allows your vet or testing personnel can easily access the neck of your cattle to complete SICCT testing. This access to the neck is available on both sides of the crush, ensuring that you can complete testing quickly and effectively. An added bonus with the Q-Catch is that it is a low-stress environment for your livestock, so handling them regularly will not cause unnecessary stress.

For more information, visit our TB Testing page.

For more information, visit our TB Testing page.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jack in front of mobile system

The Q-Catch 87 Series portable cattle crush and race is now offered with hydraulic jacks. The Innovations Team has worked diligently to introduce these jacks based on market feedback from consumers looking for an easier to use jack option.

The jacking system now features a 165 AMP Power Unit, 12V battery with 200 AMP breaker to protect the power unit, and military grade 12W Solar Panel that keeps the battery in optimum condition with constant pulse technology. Both the main jack and front hitch jack are powered by the hydraulic jacks, and the selector valve allows the operator to control which jack is being raised or lowered. The unit is easily charged with the terminals on the side of the power unit, and includes a custom designed hydraulic manifold for accurate flow division and load hold.

- Lift and lower the unit easily with a fully 165 AMP hydraulic jacking system
- Main jack and front hitch jack are both hydraulically powered for faster setup and tear-down
- 12-watt military grade solar panel uses pulse technology to keep the battery in optimum condition
- Powered by a 12V Battery with 200-amp breaker to protect the motor
- Terminals located on the outside of the box for easy charging and jumping
- Control pendant manages both jacks from a single point with a selector valve to switch between jacks
- Control pendant is magnetic and can be attached to the chute easily
- Jacks are contained in a sheet metal jack box which is powder-coated for longevity and durability
- Fully enclosed jack box features a hinged lid, latch, and optional lock for security purposes

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Product Specifications

  • 7-Year Cattle Crush Warranty, best in the industry
  • New yoke gate design uses light to draw cattle into the crush
  • Q-Catch yoke gate operation handle can be situated anywhere along the side of the crush
  • Curtain-style yoke gate opens to a full 762mm top to bottom for cattle to exit the crush
  • Easy to use push-pull squeeze handle
  • Squeeze ranges from 750mm fully open to 195mm fully closed
  • The Q-Catch squeeze locking system features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments
  • New Direct Drive system provides faster yoke gate response
  • Poly-coated slam latches eliminate metal clanging
  • Two rows of rump fingers ensure safety no matter the size of the animal
  • Poly-composite rump fingers are engineered to endure high pressure
  • Ambidextrous rolling rear gate that can be operated from either side of the crush and is reversible
  • The rolling rear gate running track is top-mounted, eliminating the issue of build-up
  • Vet door opens in both directions for a full 180° of manoeuvrability (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Low-profile latch ensures the vet cage door will not swing to the inside of the crush when slammed shut (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors can be used individually or together to access the entire animal
  • Side access panels are removable and can be configured in a variety of positions to suit your farms needs
  • 324mm top to bottom needle door access
  • New drop-down needle bar allows for quick injections
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising
  • Pivot and latch points feature poly bushings for silent operation
  • True virgin rubber flooring dampens sound and provides great traction
  • Rubber floor is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Mount brackets enable you to add load bars or secure the crush to concrete
  • Yoke Gate locking pin adds safety when transporting the cattle crush, or completing maintenance
  • Both sides of the Easy Flow Cattle Race can be adjusted from one side
  • Cradle-shaped Easy Flow Race section ranges from 750mm to 457mm in width
  • Both side panels drop down fully, allowing the farmer to access the animal in case of emergency
  • Safety latches on the Easy Flow Race side panels add security and control when adjusting, and ensure the sides will not drop accidentally
  • Easy Flow Races come with removable panels so you can control what cattle see in the race
  • Single piece steel frame has been reinforced with new 51mm x 153mm beams that run the length of the unit

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Available Add-Ons / Options

  • Yellow cattle head scoop in closed position

    Third-Generation Cattle Head Scoop [Patented]

    For the best cattle head control, look to the third generation of the Q-Catch Head Scoop. This model is heavier, stronger, and more durable than before. The cattle head scoop clamps around the cattle's neck to hold the head immobile, allowing the farmer safe, up-close access. Featuring a patented single handle push-pull operation, the cattle head scoop simplifies any procedure.

    [ More Information on the Third-Generation Cattle Head Scoop [Patented] ]
  • Cattle brisket bar - sheeted

    Brisket Bar

    The Brisket Bar keeps your cattle standing during stressful procedures by supporting the sternum to prevent them from laying down. The new Brisket Bar comes sheeted to eliminate hoof traps and can be installed with only two bolts.

    [ More Information on the Brisket Bar ]
  • Clipping rail for Arrowquip cattle crushes

    Clipping Rail

    The clipping rail keeps cattle contained when both side doors on the crush are open. This simple and effective option can be installed or removed from the crush with just 4 bolts, and can be adjusted to accommodate cattle of different sizes.

  • cattle weighing scale platform

    Scale Platform

    The Scale Platform is custom designed for the 8' Adjustable Easy Flow Race section of the Mobile Crush and Race. For easy installation, the side panels can be lifted and held in place with the slam latches, allowing the operator to slide the Scale Platform underneath. These heavy-duty, 6.35mm aluminium plates feature raised sides ensure cattle will not slip off, and allow you to quickly and effectively weigh your cattle as they move through the handling system.

  • Scale Mount Plates

    Scale Mount Plates designed to support 584mm load bars when using the Arrowquip Scale Platform. Designed to work with Gallagher and Tru-Test load bars.

  • Manual Jacks

    All Arrowquip mobile crushes and handling systems are available with the option of manual jacks if preferred.

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  • 5 Todd Newell

    Interested in the difference between q -87 and q74 series

    • 0 Arrowquip Team

      Hi Todd, here is a video showing the differences between the Q-Catch 87 Series and the 74 Series!

  • 5 Bill Webb

    The Q-87 portable chute and alley is one of my best purchases in some time. We have found it to be the safest way to vaccinate any and all of our beef animals from calves to bulls. When they enter the alley and are weighed they remain calm going thru the chute and are restrained for shots and wormer application. It has given us as well as the cattle a far superior sense of safety than what we were used to. Really are satisfied with this purchase !

  • 0 Bill Webb

    I am really pleased with my new portable Q 87 cattle chute and alley. It makes working the cows, calves and bulls much easier as well as much safer. I have been maintaining this herd since 1984 and this is my first chute of any kind. The cattle move through and stay calm from entry til exit. Also I have the Gallagher herd management and weigh system. This combination is really a great system. This past Saturday we ran them all through for vaccinations, weighing and wormer application and it was another enjoyable experience using this setup. Thank You Arrowquip !!!

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