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Cattle Head Holder

Arrowquip cattle head scoop

Restrain Your Cattle's Head Quickly and Safely

Weight: 45 kg

Dimensions: 1283mm Wide x 742mm High x 336mm Long (in use)

Product Code: QC910

The Patented Q-Catch Cattle Head Scoop takes cattle control to a new level, and is extremely useful for tasks including ear tagging, treating pink-eye, dehorning, and more. The two pieces of the Head Scoop move in a synchronized, scissor-style motion to clamp around the animal’s head securely for maximum control of your livestock without causing pain. This allows the handler up-close access to the animal’s head for any procedure necessary without placing unnecessary stress on the animal.

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Front view of calf held in Q Catch 86 Series head holder by Arrowquip
  • Single Lever Operation [PATENTED]

    The Q-Catch Cattle Head Holder is operated with a single, user-friendly handle, allowing you to secure the head in place with a smooth motion. The dual friction lock automatically engages, providing secure cattle control every time it is used.

  • Calms Cattle Down Immediately

    The moment the Head Holder is secured around their head, even the most riled up cattle calm down to be worked on safely. The scoop provides cattle with a place to rest their head comfortably, and the top bar ensures they cannot throw their head around and injure the handlers who are working with them.

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106 Front Handle Out
  • Compact Design

    The compact design of the Head Holder allows it to store in an upright position, aligned with the Head Yoke door. This ensures that the Head Holder is completely out of the way for both livestock and handlers when not in use.

  • Adjustable Height

    The Head Holder is designed specifically for the Head Yokes on Arrowquip Cattle Crushes. This allows you to adjust the height of your Head Holder for different sized livestock with two tension bolts.

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Available On

  • Cattle Cattle Crush | Q-Catch 86 Series Side View | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

    Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Crush

    The Q-Catch 86 Series is known as the quietest cattle crush ever designed. From sound dampening rubber parts and nylon rump fingers, to caulked sheet metal and the renowned rubber floor, everything on this crush is designed for silence. The Head Holder is the perfect pairing to your Q-Catch Cattle Crush, taking your cattle control to a new level.

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  • Side view of Hydraulic Cattle Crush Q-Power 106 by Arrowquip

    Q-Power 106 Series Hydraulic Cattle Crush

    The Q-Power 106 Series is the most versatile hydraulic crush in the industry. It offers everything that producers love about the Q-Catch with the added benefit of hydraulic operation. The Head Holder is an excellent addition to your cattle crush, and many farmers even prefer it to a Hydraulic Head Sweep!

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  • Portable Crush, Race and Tub Cattle Handling System

    Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Crush, Race & Forcing Pen

    The completely redesigned Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Crush, Race & Forcing Pen is designed for true portability. With a collapsible pen, redesigned towing setup, and new electric jacking system, you won't find a more efficient system than this one. Add the Head Holder to improve the efficiency of not only transporting your equipment, but processing your cattle as well!

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  • Q-Catch 86 Series Portable Cattle Crush and Race

    Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Crush & Race

    The Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Crush & race has been redesigned to include the features producers are asking for. The rubber floors and updated jacking system are the biggest changes to the Crush & Race, ensuring you can get more work done in less time. Adding the Head Holder is the icing on the cake on this highly effective handling duo.

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  • Side view of cattle head yoke by Arrowquip

    Q-Catch Yoke Gate

    If you're looking for a standalone Yoke Gate that will improve the efficiency of your farm, look no further than the Q-Catch Yoke Gate with a Head Holder. This pair will ensure you can work your cattle safely and effectively in any handling system.

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Cattle Head Holder Specifications

Drawing of cattle head scoop by Arrowquip
  • Height can be adjusted to work with animals of any size
  • Dual friction lock with infinite adjustments is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Patented single lever controls
  • Scoop cradles the cattle's head comfortably
  • Compact design ensures the head holder stays out of the way when not in use
  • Simplifies procedures such as ear tagging, treating pink-eye, dehorning, and more
  • Helps to keep cattle calm during stressful procedures such as AI and veterinary testing
  • Scissor-style clamp allows handlers to safely access the animal's head without danger of cattle thrashing around

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