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Cattle Race Gate

Cattle Race Gate by Arrowquip

The Most Innovative Cattle Race Gate In The Industry


Weight: 100 kg

Dimensions: 1296mm Wide x 2032mm High x 364mm Long

Product Code: RLDR

Arrowquip’s Cattle Race Gate adds versatility and control to your complete cattle handling system in the easiest way possible. Featuring the off-side operation handle, top-mounted track, and the ability to be used for either side, the Cattle Race Gate is designed for safe and efficient operation in any cattle handling system.

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Front view of Cattle Race Gate open by Arrowquip
  • Offside Operation Handle

    The offside operation handle comes standard on the Rolling Race Gate. This handle allows the operator to push the handle to the opposite side of the system, instead of pulling it into the working side of the equipment.

  • Top Mounted Track

    Top mounted track and rollers prevent the build-up of dirt, ice, snow, manure and other substances which may negatively affect the performance and functionality of your Race Gate.

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Close up view of cattle race gate hinges by Arrowquip
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Rollers

    The heavy-duty nylon rollers on the top mounted track have been pre-engineered to ensure smooth operation of your Race Gate for years to come, with no maintenance required.

  • Operate from Both Sides

    The Cattle Race Gate can be operated from either the left-hand or right-hand side of your system, and features two handles to simplify operation.

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Cattle Race Gate Specifications

Rolling Cattle Race Gate CAD Drawing
    • Standard off-side operation handle
    • Door can be operated from either side
    • New sound dampening guides keep distraction to a minimum
    • Top hung running track eliminates the issue of build-up
    • Features a safety latch to lock the door closed
    • New rubber sound dampeners eliminate operating noise

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