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Cattle Head Holder FAQ

Can I attach the Head Holder to an old crush or different brand's crush? +

The Head Holder is custom designed for Arrowquip cattle crushes. It is not recommended that you install the Head Holder on an old crush or a different brand's crush, as they may not be compatible. This can result in damage to your crush and/or head holder.

What are the differences between the Head Holder and the Head Sweep? +

The Head Holder features a scissor-style head clamp and scoop, which is operated by a single handle. This device is easily secured around cattle's head, and provides livestock with a comfortable place to rest their head in the scoop while they are being worked on for any procedure. The Head Holder is a manually operated device that can be easily installed on any Arrowquip Cattle Crush at any time.

The Head Sweep is a simple and effective way to tilt cattle's head to the side. The Head Sweep is convenient, as it is mounted on the hydraulic swing arm, making it easy to catch a cow in the head yoke and implement the head sweep in a smooth action. The Head Sweep is a hydraulic mechanism that is only available on the Q-Power 106 Series Hydraulic cattle crush, and must be installed at the time of manufacture

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