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Forcing Pens FAQ

Where can I find the forcing pen assembly instructions? +

Assembly instructions are provided with your product. If your assembly manual has been lost or misplaced, you can download a new copy here.

Can I switch the working side after I've ordered it? +

Yes, the working side on your forcing pen can be switched at any time. Find the instructions here.

What are the differences between the BudFlow® and Forcing Pen? +

How the BudFlow® Works:

  • Cattle enter the BudFlow® System from the front and walk towards the back of the 270° pen, as the gate is closed behind them.
  • Cattle see the sweep gate as a wall, and turn back to return to where they entered naturally.
  • Because the gate is closed, cattle see the opening to the race and think it is where they entered from.
  • Cattle move into the race with no force.

How a Forcing Pen works:

  • Cattle enter the force pen at the back and walk towards the front.
  • The handler uses the sweep gate to encourage cattle into the race.

Ultimately, the biggest difference between the BudFlow® and a standard Forcing Pen is that the BudFlow® works with animal science to enhance the flow of cattle through your handling system.

Can I run cattle in from the back gate on the BudFlow® forcing pen? +

It is not recommended to run cattle through the back gate on the BudFlow® forcing pen, as it goes against the natural cattle behaviors the pen is designed to work with.

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