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Q-Power 106 Series Hydraulic Cattle Crush FAQ

Can I buy a right-hand Q-Power 106 Series? +

Yes, the Q-Power 106 Series can be ordered in a right-handed version. However, this must be specified at the time of order.

What kind of oil does the hydraulic take? +

HVI-22 Semi-Synthetic Oil.

What are the hydraulic ends on your hydraulic hose? +


What are the specs on the hydraulic electric motor? +

3.7kW single phase 4 pole motor. 45 litre tank delivers 28 litres.min.

Can I speed up the head yoke on my hydraulics? +

No, the speed on all hydraulic controls is set to the ideal level for cattle and operator safety.

Why doesn’t the crush come with panel pins? +

Arrowquip crushes do not come with panel pins, because our panel pins and clips do not work with all other manufacturers products. If you wish to connect your Arrowquip crush to an race which does not have compatible panel clips, additional panel clips can be ordered from the Arrowquip Factory and bolted onto your race.

Are my floor pans going to rust out? +

The floor pans under the crush are made with powder coated steel, and feature drainage holes to keep build-up from occurring underneath the rubber floor. These three key features are intended to minimise the risk of the floor pans rusting. To keep your floors and floor pans in top condition, it is recommended to clean the floor of your crush regularly by pressure washing.

Can I replace my Head Sweep with a Head Holder? +

Yes, your Head Sweep can be replaced with a Head Holder at a later date.

Can I replace my Head Holder with a Head Sweep? +

No, the Head Holder cannot be replaced with a Head Sweep at a later date, as the Head Sweep is mounted on the hydraulic control arm and must be installed at the factory.

Can I have two head sweeps? +

Yes, your Q-Power 106 Series can be ordered with two head sweeps. Please note that this is a custom order which may not be readily available on your dealer’s lot.

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