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The 3E Cattle Handling System

3E System in Cattle Crowding Tub

All About Easy Entry and Exit

Featured in various Arrowquip equipment, the 3E Cattle Handling System is intended to help you take your livestock management to the next level by making it easier and more efficient. The 3E concept is about Easy Entry and Exit, referring to the way cattle move through a system with ease. Based on cattle psychology, the 3E System utilises cattle's instinct to follow light in an enclosed area by designing equipment that purposefully varies in the amount of light seen by cattle.

Guided By Animal Science

Every design decision made at Arrowquip is based on animal science. By understanding how cattle think and act, products are developed with features that use cattle psychology to your advantage while adhering to the latest animal welfare guidelines.

Cattle are gentle, intelligent animals that will do as they are told, if they are told correctly. Cattle are prey animals, and their preferred means of communication is sight. How cattle behave in a situation is greatly affected by what they see in their line of sight. Sound and touch can also be used to communicate with livestock, but should be used as secondary methods as they can distract cattle and cause stress.

Light is a key factor in designing equipment with the 3E system, because cattle naturally need to see a place to go to when subjected to confined spaces. By strategically using light in certain areas of the system, cattle are drawn to the right direction, improving the flow of cattle. Varying the sheeting height of your alleys is one way to provide contrasting light in your system.

3E BudFlow® Forcing Pen

The 3E BudFlow® Forcing Pen features low 851mm sheeting on the entry panel, and the additional panel next to the exit. The low-sheeted panels provide more light for cattle to see through, convincing them that they are escaping instead of entering an enclosed space. This draws them in the right direction with minimal assistance, which reduces stress levels and saves time.

3E BudFlow Cattle Forcing Pen - A Pen That Works With Cattle Psychology

Adjustable Easy Flow® Cattle Races

The removable panels allow you to control what cattle can see in the Easy Flow® Cattle Races. By modifying the sheeting height of the race sides to your preference, point of balance handling techniques can be applied to regulate the flow of cattle. Foot traps upon entry and exit are also eliminated by lowering the bottom bars, making it easier for cattle to pass through the races.

Adjustable Easy Flow Cattle Races - Control Cattle Flow Your Way