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Arrowquip Warranty

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All Arrowquip cattle handling equipment is backed by industry-leading warranty, thanks to the countless Research and Development hours that go into each of our products. There is no better way to secure your investment than by registering your equipment.


Your product must be registered prior to submitting a warranty claim. To register your product(s), please fill out our product registration form. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 1-866-383-7827.

Warranty Claim Form
Product/Part NameLifetime15-Year10-Year5-Year
Locking Mechanisms
Rump Fingers
Rubber Floor
Q-Catch 87 Series Crush ***
Q-Power 107 Series Crush ***
Q-Catch 74 Series Crush **
Q-Power 104 Series Crush **
Q-Catch 54 Series Crush *
3E Q-Catch Yoke Gate
Head Scoop
Clipping Rail
Portable Cattle Crush, Race & Forcing Pen
Portable Crush & Race
Portable Race & Forcing Pen
Easy Flow Races
Sorting Races & Drafting Gates
3E BudFlow® & Forcing Pens
Vet Cage
Brisket Bar
Rolling Race Gate

Warranty Claim Form

Fill out the form below to submit a warranty claim.


Your product must be registered to claim warranty. Any owner who fails to register their product warranty with Arrowquip through their Authorized Arrowquip Dealer voluntarily voids their warranty.

Arrowquip will repair or replace products or parts of a product that prove defective due to manufacturer defect during the Warranty Period, at their sole discretion. This excludes defects resulting from normal wear and tear or product misuse. Warranty does not cover corrosion. Any modification, in any fashion, to any piece of Arrowquip equipment immediately voids the warranty. This includes any parts and pieces contained therein.

* Q-Catch 54 Series Models: 5 years OR 10,000 Total Head of Cattle
** Q-Catch 74 Series Models & Q-Power 104 Models: 10 years OR 25,000 Total Head of Cattle
*** Q-Catch 87 Series Models & Q-Power 107: 15 years OR 50,000 Total Head of Cattle