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BudFlow® Cattle Forcing Pen

Arrowquip BudFlow Forcing Pen

A Cattle Force Pen Built Around Animal Science

2 models available:
Single Race Exit | Double Race Exit

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Arrowquip’s BudFlow® Forcing Pen uses natural cattle behaviour to create efficient flow. By using the natural instinct of cattle to turn back to where they last came from, cattle are guided into the race effortlessly. This allows you to eliminate animal stress and speed up the processing of cattle! Additionally, if you encounter a particularly ornery animal, the force gate can be engaged to encourage cattle to move into the race with ease. The Budflow® Cattle Forcing Pen is renowned by ranchers around the world as the easiest and most efficient way to work your cattle.

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Choose your BudFlow® model

  • Top view of BudFlow Single Race Exit by Arrowquip

    Model: Single Race Exit

    Weight: 609 kg / 904 kg

    Dimensions: 4923mm Wide x 2181mm High x 4831mm Long / 6131mm Wide x 2184mm High x 6065mm Long

    The standard BudFlow® Model includes a Single 90° Race Exit, allowing you to work cattle into a single lane alley quickly and effectively, and is designed specifically to work with the Adjustable Easy Flow Cattle Race.

    Available in 8’ and 10’ Diameters.

  • Top view of Budflow double race exit by Arrowquip

    Model: Double Race Exit

    Weight: 851 kg

    Dimensions: 6131mm Wide x 2184mm High x 6065mm Long

    In select handling systems, a Double Cattle Alley can significantly improve processing times! By allowing cattle to walk side by side through your system, you eliminate the likelihood of cattle stalling and can improve flow through your handling system. For systems that feature a double alleyway, the BudFlow® Forcing Pen is available with a Double 90° Race Exit.

    Available in 10’ Diameter.

Top view diagram of Budflow process by Arrowquip
  • Cattle Psychology working for you!

    How the BudFlow® Works:

    - Cattle enter the BudFlow® System
    - Cattle turn back to where they entered naturally
    - Cattle see the opening to the race 
    - Cattle move into the race with no force 
    - You can handle more cattle in less time, reducing the cost of labour

  • Sheeted Panels

    The 1346mm sheeted panels on the BudFlow® Forcing Pen assists in flow and allow the operator to utilize point of balance cattle handling techniques. When cattle can see the handler, it allows you to move cattle efficiently through the system without the need for the force gate.

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Close up of Budflow Forcing pen heavy duty construction by arrowquip
  • Animal Science

    The concept behind the BudFlow® is based on two major principles of cattle behaviour:

    - Cattle want to return to where they have been
    - Cattle want to see you

    These principles are key to the functionality of the pen, in addition to ensuring the safety of the handlers. With BudFlow®, there is no need to be in the pen with the cattle, keeping you safe!

  • Heavy Duty Construction

    BudFlow® Forcing Pens feature heavy-duty tubular construction and 1.63mm steel, ensuring the long-term durability of your equipment.

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BudFlow® Cattle Forcing Pen Specifications

top view drawing of Budflow Cattle Forcing Pen by Arrowquip
  • Adheres to low-stress cattle handling techniques
  • Works with cattle psychology
  • Sheeted panels allow the operator to utilize point of balance handling techniques
  • Force gate can be used to assist animals in the right direction, if necessary
  • Force gate is designed to ensure operator safety
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising and injury
  • Sheet metal is caulked to reduce noise
  • High capacity
  • Simple four-step assembly
  • Durable clips connect the BudFlow® Forcing Pen with other Arrowquip products seamlessly

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