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Q-Catch 87 Series Cattle Crush

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A Cattle Crush where proper cattle handling meets precision engineering

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Welcome to a new era of cattle handling. The NEW Q-Catch 87 Series cattle crush is stronger, faster, and quieter than any model before it. From the line-up of cattle crushes that has redefined the meaning of silence in farms across the globe, the latest Q-Catch model takes it to the next level, providing a truly silent cattle handling experience.

The NEW Direct Drive yoke gate technology provides rapid response, while the 3E Yoke Gate bars draw cattle into the crush to prevent stops in the flow of cattle through the system for increased efficiency. When combined with the 87 quiet points found from front-to-back, enhanced heavy-duty frame, and modifications throughout that are designed to make cattle handling as easy as it can possibly be for you, this crush can't be beat.

All of this is backed by the industry's longest and most extensive 15-Year, No Bull Warranty. No matter where you look, you won't find a better investment than the Q-Catch 87 Series cattle crush.

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Government TB Testing Regulations

As per the Government of UK website’s tuberculosis testing guidelines, your testing and handling facilities must:

Allow safe movement of cattle;
Include a suitable handling system (such as a crush and penning system linked by a secure race);
Make it easy for inspectors to restrain and examine cattle, clip their hair, measure the skin with calipers, and give them injections;
Be in good working order;
Be suitable for the size and breed of cattle that have to be tested; and
Be well-lit so inspectors can read ear tags and carry out the test.

Product Features

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    Quieter Than Ever Before

    With over 87 quiet points on the crush including the new poly-coated slam latches and bushings, anyone who works cattle in the Q-Catch 87 Series will understand why it is truly the world's quietest manual cattle crush.

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    Longest Manual Cattle Crush Warranty

    All Arrowquip manual cattle crushes are backed by a 15-Year No Bull Warranty, along with lifetime guarantees on the virgin rubber floor, rump fingers, and the patented locking mechanisms.

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    3E Q-Catch Head Gate [PATENTED]

    The redesigned Q-Catch head gate features a barred style that uses natural cattle behaviour to your advantage. When cattle can see light and open space at the end of the crush, they are drawn towards the yoke gate with little to no handler intervention.

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    Heavier Duty Q-Catch Cattle Chute

    The Q-Catch has been upgraded with a heavier duty cattle crush frame that features 51mm x 152mm top beams and 76mm x 76mm bottom beams for enhanced durability.

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Product Specifications

  • 15-Year Cattle Crush Warranty, best in the industry
  • New yoke gate design uses light to draw cattle into the crush
  • Q-Catch yoke gate operation handle can be situated anywhere along the side of the crush
  • Curtain-style yoke gate opens to a full 762mm top to bottom for cattle to exit the crush
  • Easy to use push-pull squeeze handle
  • Squeeze ranges from 750mm fully open to 197mm fully closed
  • The Q-Catch squeeze locking system features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments
  • New Direct Drive system provides faster yoke gate response
  • Poly-coated slam latches eliminate metal clanging
  • Two rows of rump fingers ensure safety no matter the size of the animal
  • Poly-composite rump fingers are engineered to endure high pressure
  • Ambidextrous rolling rear gate that can be operated from either side of the crush and is reversible
  • The rolling rear gate running track is top-mounted, eliminating the issue of build-up
  • Vet door opens in both directions for a full 180° of manoeuverability (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Low-profile latch ensures the vet cage door will not swing to the inside of the crush when slammed shut (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors can be used individually or together to access the entire animal
  • Side access panels are removable and can be configured in a variety of positions to suit your farms needs
  • 324mm top to bottom needle door access
  • New drop-down needle bar allows for quick injections
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising
  • Pivot and latch points feature poly bushings for silent operation
  • True virgin rubber flooring dampens sound and provides great traction
  • Rubber floor is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Mount brackets enable you to add load bars or secure the crush to concrete
  • Transport-ready with the new wheel kit add-on
  • Yoke Gate locking pin adds safety when transporting the cattle crush, or completing maintenance

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Available Models

    Available Add-Ons / Options

    • Yellow cattle head scoop in closed position

      Third-Generation Cattle Head Scoop [Patented]

      The third generation of the Q-Catch Head Scoop is stronger, easier to use, and more durable than its predecessor. The cattle head scoop clamps around the cattle's neck to hold the head immobile, allowing the farmer safe, up-close access. Featuring a patented single handle push-pull operation, the head scoop simplifies any procedure by minimizing thrashing and erratic head movement.

      [ More Information on the Third-Generation Cattle Head Scoop [Patented] ]
    • Cattle brisket bar - sheeted

      Brisket Bar

      To keep cattle from going down during stressful procedures, the brisket bar is an effective addition to your crush. The new brisket bar comes sheeted to eliminate hoof traps and is quickly installed with just two bolts.

      [ More Information on the Brisket Bar ]
    • Clipping rail for Arrowquip cattle crushes

      Clipping Rail

      The clipping rail allows handlers to safely open both doors of the crush while keeping cattle contained. You can adjust the trimming bar to accommodate cattle of different sizes. It can be easily installed or removed from the crush with 4 bolts.

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