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Portable Cattle Crush & Handling Systems FAQ

Can I add the BudFlow® option at a later date? +

Yes, the BudFlow® can be added to your portable handling system at any time.

How can I charge my electric motor? +

Using a 24-volt AGM Battery Charger, or a Smart Charger with an AGM Setting, connect your batteries to a power source and charge until full.

What kind of charger do I need? +

A 24-volt AGM Battery Charger, or a Smart Charger with an AGM Setting.

What do I do if my battery dies? +

Charge the battery with a 24-volt AGM Battery Charger or Smart Charger with AGM Setting. If necessary, you can jump start the battery with booster cables for a temporary charge in the event of an emergency.

Can I put scales under the crush on my portable handling system? +

No, on the mobile handling systems your scales must be placed under the Easy Flow Race Section equipped with a Cattle Scale Platform.

Do your mobile cattle crushes have a solar panel? +

A recent update to our 700 Series portable models is the addition of hydraulic jacks with a military grade solar panel that keeps the battery in optimum condition. For details, view the Q-Catch 87 Series or Q-Power 107 Series complete mobile cattle handling system.

Does the new portable have the rubber floor? +

Yes, the new portable Q-Catch 87 Series and Q-Power 107 Series Chute, Race & Forcing Pen, and Portable Crush & Race models feature the rubber floor.

The Q-Catch 74 Series Crush, Race and Forcing Pen does not include the rubber floor.

How do I collapse my forcing pen properly for transport? +

Your Product Manual includes complete transportation instructions.

How to build a portable cattle crush? +

Cattle crush design incorporates animal science research and engineering that prioritises safety and control. Portable cattle crushes must be compact and efficient for easy transport and operation. Setting up and taking down a portable cattle crush should take less than five minutes.

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