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Q-Catch 87, 74 & 54 Series Cattle Crush FAQ

Can I buy a right-hand Q-Catch? +

Yes, Q-Catch cattle crushes can be ordered in a right-handed version. The Q-Catch 87 and 74 models can also be changed from left to right (or right to left) with a conversion kit.

Can I make my crush portable? +

Yes, your crush can easily be made portable with the Wheel Kit.

Can I convert my Q-Catch to a hydraulic? +

No, Q-Catch cattle crushes are designed to be manual, and cannot be converted to a hydraulically powered crush at a later date.

Can I leave my load bars underneath the crush when it's on the wheel kit? +

No, it is not recommended that you leave the load bars bolted onto your crush while transporting it. Leaving the load bars on the bottom of your crush increases the opportunity that damage may occur to your load bars, and makes it far more difficult to tow.

Can I switch the working side after I've ordered it? +

Yes, you can convert the working side if you order a conversion kit on the Q-Catch 87 and 74 models. The Q-Catch 54 Series models must be ordered with a specified working side.

Are my floor pans going to rust out? +

The floor pans under the crush are made with powder coated steel, and feature drainage holes to keep build-up from occurring underneath the rubber floor. These three key features are intended to minimise the risk of the floor pans rusting. To keep your floors and floor pans in top condition, it is recommended to clean the floor of your crush regularly by pressure washing.

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